Joe Beninati is the rare drummer who is equally adept at both the art and the craft of music. Whether he’s banging out a heavy 4/4 beat, a cut-time shuffle, or more sophisticated jazz-influenced rhythms, his playing is always sympathetic, and serves the song above all else.
–Jonathan Andrew
New Jersey-based singer/songwriter

Joe Beninati has played with me on several occasions. Joe is an all around great drummer and a musician and I have always enjoyed working with him.
Icelandic based singer songwriter

Joe Beninati, is not just a drummer’s drummer, he is a songwriter’s drummer!
I have known Joe for many years and have had the pleasure of playing in a band with him since 2008. In that time I have seen the evolution of an incredible percussionist, and more importantly, a solid all-around musician.
It’s not that Joe doesn’t have “chops”, on the drum kit…he has plenty. However, Beninati’s understanding of guitar, bass, vocal performance and various auxiliary percussion instruments allows him to apply his exceptional skills on the drums at precisely the right time. The rest of the time, it’s just solid groove. No matter if he is laying down a self-arranged beat, or adding a human feel to one of my programmed loops, the timing and finesse are always evident.
To top it all off, Joe has developed into an excellent composer and arranger. He truly understands the inner workings of a song, and what it takes to take your music to the next level.
To Sum it up, Joe Beninati is a solid musician. Combine that with his easy going, yet ultra-professional demeanor, and is quite simply the kind of guy you want to work with.
–Joshua Van Ness
(singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist)

As a singer/songwriter finding the right drummer to bring your songs to life, but maintain the subtleties of the lyrics’ emotions is a challenge. I had been through a few bands and drummers before I met Joe Beninati. From the first moment we started to play together I understood the difference between a drummer and a percussionist, and Joe is certainly the latter. He uses a robust arsenal of instruments and styles to perfectly match the mood and message of a song. Joe also provides his band mates with musical and emotional support and exudes positive energy that you can hear in the music he creates. Not only is Joe a fantastic musician, but he’s also just a great person to be around. I miss sharing the stage with him!
–Emily McKinin DeMasi
Boston-Based singer/songwriter

Joe Beninati is an amazingly passionate and talented musician. This comes through in his drumming, which is tasteful, creative, and always supports the music. Joe has an incredible sense of timing, does not overplay, has amazing chops, and knows when to show them off, which is something a lot of drummers don’t know how to do.
— Rob Meyer, former bandmate

I have been listening hungrily to music my whole life, but I have been teaching just about every other subject for the last twenty years.  No matter how much expertise I could bring to some aspects of pedagogy, I could not find a way to communicate the fundamentals of rhythm from my screaming mind to my spastic arms and legs.  After trying a number of different teachers, books, DVD’s and false promises, Joe Beninati–and only Joe–sat me down at a kit, heard me out and utterly calibrated my clock.  Rather than telling me how it’s done, Joe told me what I was doing: He then showed me how it could be grown, with proper care and nurturing, into a reliable groove.  Joe draws from a singular touch as both a musician and an educator: He knows how to listen.   He shares his talent and breaks it down into pieces anybody can find enjoyable to digest—as only a true listener can.  Even one lesson from Joe can fundamentally alter your entire approach, but I challenge you to leave it at that.
–Prof. Daniel A. Martens Yaverbaum
Lecturer of Physics,
John Jay College of Criminal Justice,
The City University of New York